Why shift blames?

One mistake we often make is shift blames. We like to blame someone or something for our failures  and mistakes but we like to take the glory when something is done right. For some reason, we believe that something somewhere is responsible for our lives because somehow we’ve been conditioned to blame something outside of us for the part of our life we’re not comfortable with. We’ve pinned blames on our parents, our spouses,  our friends, our boss, our colleagues, our clients, the weather, the economy, our lack of finances etcetera.
There are reasons why we shift blames I’ll share three of them with you.
It’s the easier way: It is always easy to push blames on someone or something especially when that person or thing is directly or indirectly involved in the matter. Consciously or Unconsciously, the first thing we do is blame something or someone else and not ourselves.
As defense mechanism: For some reason, we shift blames as a way of defending ourselves, we want to excuse ourselves from something we don’t like because we don’t want accusing fingers pointing at us, so we elude blames by shifting them.
Elude responsibility: We usually don’t like to take the responsibility that comes with our mistakes, actions and inaction. We pin those blames elsewhere thinking the responsibility will shift suit.                                

Making progress begins with accepting that you’re the creator of everything that happens to you, it means taking absolute responsibility for everything. All your outcomes, both your successes and failures, are caused by you- that’s how to take total responsibility for your life. You have to take responsibility for your finances, the results you produce, your debts, your achievements, the quality of your relationship, your feelings, your state of health- take absolute responsibility for everything. Truth is; nothing anywhere is responsible for your life, no one somewhere is responsible either so why shift blames? The only person responsible for your life is YOU. You’re the one to correct your mistakes, you’re the one to take the necessary actions, yes- it’s you. Take absolute responsibility for your life.

Hope this has helped you, kindly leave your comment(s) or question(s).