Focusing on what you want.

To focus means to give your attention, energy, time or resources to something, often something that is important to you or something that you want. It entails pouring your energy, giving utmost attention to what you really want and refusing to recognize what you don’t want(even when they are tangible).

    What we want often exists in our imagination(intangible) and that is why it’s a little difficult to give it our attention. Sometimes, the things we see or feel which is what we don’t want, often gets more of our attention; prevailing unpleasant situations also get our attention because we tend to focus on what we see or feel. We always want something in the absence of it, that is; we want what we don’t have or more of the little we have. Some of the things we want are: money, jobs, houses, happiness, a spouse, the list is inexhaustible. If you must get what you want, take the necessary steps or actions towards what you want. Don’t focus on what you don’t want, don’t complain about them, simply work towards actualizing your dreams(what you want).

Complaining to our spouses, colleagues, friends etc. about the things we don’t want means we are focusing on them and they will stay longer because you’ve given your energy, time and attention to them by complaining about them. It means you’re giving them life, it means you’re watering the wrong things. Consciously shift your attention from what you don’t want because we attract to our lives whatever we focus on. Focusing on what we want has a way of lessening those things we don’t want in our lives and giving us more of what we want.

Hope this has helped you, kindly leave your comment(s) and question(s).

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